What is arttwork® and why do we love it?

One of the secret weapons behind the success of the AFFLUENT ARTIST® community is an app that we use to do two very important things:

1) Gives us instant access to a global market of collectors with their credit cards on file for one click purchasing.

2) Allows us to track all of our sales and collector data in one place so we can easily make follow up sales.

arttwork® allows us to do this in a simple way that other websites and art marketplaces can't.

Why do we use arttwork® (instead of our own website) to access collectors and sell art?

Arttwork® is built specifically for the needs of visual artists and it has a few unique tech advantages to make selling easier!

The Advantages of using arttwork® over your own website, CashApp and other art marketplaces:

A) Collectors can buy your art with one click
When a collector gets a new arttwork® account, they can add their credit card and begin buying with one click in less than 60 seconds. In addition to quick purchases, collectors love using arttwork® because they can track their art collection within their account!

B) Accept all major credit card payments
When you use tools like CashApp, Zelle and Venmo, artists often turn down paying customers because they can not take credit and debit cards. Now you can make more sales because arttwork® allows collectors to instantly buy your art with any major credit card!

C) Track all of your sales and personal collector data
If you sell art through galleries and dealers, they typically will not tell you who your buying collectors are because they do not want you to go direct and cut them out of the deal. arttwork® gives you the power to track all of your sales, top selling pieces and your best buying collectors all in one location so you can make more money with follow up art sales. 

D) Get direct access to collectors and avoid gatekeepers
Want direct access to collectors without giving galleries and dealers 30-60% of your profits? arttwork® makes that super easy!

Our Big Bonus for Signing up for arttwork® Now

If you sign up for arttwork® using the link below in the next 36 hours, we'll also include a very special bonus.

You'll get access to our "$100k Online Art Sales" Workshop.

Inside of this special workshop, we walk you through the 3 steps to taking your art sales to $100,000 or much more within the next 12 months.

This Special Bonus is only available to those who sign up through the link below.

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