I was checking out one of the artists groups on Facebook and I noticed a lot of conversations about how many artists businesses have been impacted by everything that’s going on in the world... 

A lot of the comments had a similar message:

“Events are shutting down and my sales are slow… and collectors don’t buy the same way online!”

Have you ever felt like this?

If so, I understand. It’s happening to a lot of artists and it’s not your fault...

But don't worry, I have some good news:

There are collectors buying art online everyday... you just have to know how to find them! 

If you’ve struggled to get collectors, I shot a quick video to share where this first False Belief comes from... 

...but more importantly, I’ll give you the solution to fix it so you can sell your art online in ANY economy!

If you want the blueprint to make your art Economy and Recession proof, watch this video and register for our FREE workshop that shows you how to easily find "ready to buy" collectors online now! 


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