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How to Get 5 to 10 New Collectors this Week

If you want to successfully sell art online, you have to get access to a community of collectors that love buying art and sell to those collectors.

Our artists have tested different websites and apps over the years to do this but our preferred tool these days is arttwork®.

The reason we use arttwork®?

It gives us instant access to a global community of high net worth collectors, and we can track all of our sales and collector data in one easy to use app.

This means we can sell art, track our best selling pieces and have
collectors buy our art again and again with one click.

Collectors love buying on arttwork® because they can buy your art in seconds and track the value of their art collection!

arttwork® is the "brain" that helps us get new collectors and run our art business.

When you sign up to access our global network of collectors with your $1 trial, you'll also get access to:

Sell your first piece in 7 days or less with our Sold Out Art 7 Day Sales Challenge! ($799 value)

Arttwork® Artists Community so you can get supportive help from our art sales team and other artists already selling art! ($588 value)

✅ The Live Art Sales Summit Bonus
 "How to Sell Your Next $100,000+ Worth of Art with A.I. & Instagram Ads!" ($1,000 value)

When you join today, you have zero risk with our 90 day money back guarantee.

Order now to get instant access to high end collectors so you can sell more art before the trial offer expires!

"Sold first piece in 19 hours"

Before I started, I never created or sold any art before... after watching the bonus, I sold my first piece in 19 hours!

Kira Thompson

"I made a sale in 3 days"

For years I gave art away for free... after joining Affluent Artist I made a sale in 3 days and I sold over $15,800 worth of art in 20 days!

Jasmine Tompkins


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