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There may be things covered live that will not be on the replay. The reality is that I think you get a better experience when you're there live and we can interact... when I can answer your questions... and we can share the moment together. 

So it is highly recommended that you come live. Hey, you've already signed up, so just make it a priority.

My Big Promise to You...

I will give you the secrets, flat out. I will lay out to you step by step, what you need to so to take advantage of Amazon to sell physical products, 100 percent passively, anywhere in the world.

You will not have to touch or handle the product. You will not have to spend tons of money upfront to get started... you can see results faster than you probably think is possible right now.

Show Up Ready...

I often roll my eyes on most webinars when the presenter recommends you get out a piece of paper and a pen to take notes, and then proceed to go an hour or two without giving you anything tangible or specific to do. This is not that kind of web class.

In fact, I want you to commit to yourself to show up ready to act on any and all good ideas you are exposed to that make sense to you. Don't just show up to "learn." 

Show up to make money, because... plain and simple, your success is my success. 

I sold over $15,800 worth of art in 20 days!

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A "Live Only" Special Gift...

If you attend the whole web class, at the end I'm giving away something for free that's valuable and which people have previously paid a decent sum of money for. ONLY people who stay for the full web class will be able to get this extra special gift... so make it a priority so you can be there live! 

I look forward to seeing you on the live web class!

– Suresh

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