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This portrait of an alleged killer set the 1990 sales record for most expensive arttwork of all time - 00:00:09
The #1 obstacle to overcome to be a Full Time Affluent Artist - 00:00:52
How Jasmine quit her 9-5 and sold $15,800 worth of art in 20 days - 00:01:11
The 2nd challenge you have to overcome to be a successful Full Time Affluent Artist - 00:01:43
How Zi sold 7 prints and 8 commissions in 1 week while working full time - 00:01:57
How Jen overcame money issues so she could sell a $5,840 piece at Art Basel and work with Sothebys - 00:02:38
Three simple goals to help you sell more art and leave your 9-5 - 00:04:12
The ONE THING I need from you to help you sell art NOW - 00:04:51
You must get past this 4th "silent success killer" to achieve your artistic dreams - 00:05:19
The BIGGEST problem we must solve so you can live in abundance as an Artist! - 00:06:07
Why I dropped out of the College of Art & Design to help people make millions online - 00:07:55
How I helped Mike create a marketing campaign that sold $1,800,000 in only 7 days! - 00:09:21
How Melissa sold out at our very first art event and got a $2,000 sale - 00:11:11
The BIG problem with using CashApp, Venmo, Zelle, etc to take payments for your art - 00:11:44
Speaking at the $10 TRILLION asset management company BlackRock on art investing - 00:13:11
Why the government of Barbados flew me in to help their artists get collectors globally - 00:14:05
Step #1: How to charge a premium price for your art - 00:16:45
Have you made this art sales mistake? - 00:16:57
How Breesha sold this abstract painting for $6,209 - 00:18:55
The key to selling your art for higher prices without charging for 'time' or 'size' - 00:20:26
How to use your #ARTStory so collectors LOVE buying at any price you ask! - 00:22:38
This piece used the #ARTStory framework to set the 1990 auction record at $82,500,000! - 00:23:33
Step #2: How to sell arttwork like a pro to collectors around the world - 00:29:20
How artists miss out on tons of sales - 00:30:23
5 key factors for successful visual artists - 00:32:53
The #1 app we use to sell more art and make it easy for collectors to buy with one click (demo) - 00:33:33
Why Tiara was "Still in shock" at how quick this sale happened! - 00:39:58
How Magda sold 'Natural' for $1,850 - 00:40:47
Step #3: How to market to High Net Worth Collectors online - 00:42:40
How to sell to the collectors that spend millions at Sothebys - 00:46:00
How to target collectors that buy art for millions at Art Basel every year - 00:48:14
How to get collectors that buy from Artsy online - 00:49:06
The 2 keys you need to successfully sell art to high paying collectors - 00:49:53
If you want to sell art in your sleep for $2,000+ like Joe, do this - 00:53:27
Top 10 art sales discoveries... - 00:56:20
Introducing: AFFLUENT ARTIST 6 Steps to 6 Figure Art Sales! - 00:58:25
How Ms Joy sold this $4,000 piece in Canada - 00:59:53
How to join a community of AFFLUENT ARTIST that help you succeed - 01:01:31
This is how you get $100,000 worth of artistic value - 01:03:33
How to become an AFFLUENT ARTIST for a limited time 80% off special! - 01:04:51
Bonus #1: VIP Fast Sales Success Call ($1,000 value) - 01:06:19
How Kristian Jones sold his first piece in his first 30 hours and made over $4,000  - 01:07:35
Bonus #2: $55,000 Automated Sales Emails ($2,000 value) - 01:09:00
Tiara did this to sell $3,481 in 72 hours - 01:10:52
Bonus #3: Get 5,000+ New Followers In Days ($2,000 value) - 01:11:25
Mrs Stacy added 10,006 new followers; Mia added 5,000 new followers in 48 hours - 01:11:25
Bonus #4: Live $100,000 Revenue Session with Suresh! ($5,000 value) - 01:12:38
Jasmine set a goal to sell $5,000 in one month, but she sold $5,527 in one week! - 01:14:11
How to get PayPal to pay for you - 01:14:50
How to get affordable, 100% approval, no credit check financing! - 01:16:00
Our legendary "YOU WILL PROFIT" 200% Money Back Guarantee! - 01:17:32
What if you already have a website? - 01:20:53
Do collectors need an arttwork account? - 01:21:14
How to pre-sell your art so you can afford the investment - 01:21:35
Do this to create the time to become a successful Full Time Artist - 01:24:08
How you can sell art from anywhere in the world - 01:26:18
These 3 brothers were 2, 5 & 7 years old and they sold $500 worth of art! - 01:26:55
How a 68 year old grandma sold $10,000 in 4 months! - 01:27:44
How to ensure you get the resources you need to achieve your art dreams - 01:28:23
The #1 strategy to overcome competition and become the best artist you can be! - 01:29:14
How Rickale got her full $1,200 asking price after doing this - 01:30:27
Why we give you all your collector data so you can make future sales - 01:31:55
What is money really good for? - 01:32:44
Being a Full Time Artist beats working a 9-5 - 01:33:45
How the community helps you create success habits - 01:35:24
You truly need all of THIS to succeed - 01:36:10
How to get past these two mental blocks so you can make more money selling art - 01:36:47
What is staying where you are really costing you? - 01:38:08
How we can accomplish your dreams together! - 01:39:06
How to checkout and start selling art now - 01:40:00
How to get family and friends to invest in you - 01:42:22
PayPal will make the investment for you! - 01:42:57
Start selling art today with our affordable, 100% approval, no credit check financing! - 01:43:50

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