During the summer of June 2019, my friend Nicole Garner-Scott hosted a private, invitation only dinner filled with brilliant artists, collectors and entrepreneurs discussing the possibilities of using art as a vehicle to create generational wealth. 

As I listened to everyone discuss their ideas to create wealth and their challenges with accomplishing the goal, I heard 3 clear problems: 

1. The artists were talking about why collectors needed to buy their art to create wealth "before the price was too high"

2. The collectors had cash to invest, but the artist could not give a clear, quantifiable answer around why their art was a good investment.

3. The entrepreneurs, dealers and gallery owners were selling some art, but as a group they do not understanding the marketing behind arttwork selling for $100M+

...And that's when the idea 💡 struck! I saw the solution to solve all of the core problems: 

There was a way to help artists sell more art at higher prices... 

It was possible to make it easy for collectors to track the value of their art investment...

...And as an artist/entrepreneur myself, I knew the artist could own and control the wealth their art creates if they had the business skills and tools to get their own collectors.

If you are an artist that wants to sell more art online and keep your collectors buying again and again, click here to get a FREE ticket to the #AFFLUENTARTIST Masterclass:


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